Why Detroit is the Next Silicon Valley

We’ve mentioned that entrepreneurship is exploding in Detroit. Fortune even said, the City “could be the next Silicon Valley.” One week ago, Ted Serbinksi, an ex-Silicon Valley entrepreneur and early-stage startup investor who’s now living — and fueling the startup renaissance — in Detroit, added to the growing documentation supporting this take.

In his Op-Ed “Why I love the Detroit startup scene,” Serbinksi explains why he moved from San Francisco to the Motor City and outlines in great detail why other leaders of ingenuity are following suit.

Serbinski breaks it down as follows:

  • Why is Detroit good for business?
    • The cost of living and doing business is much cheaper than coastal hubs like San Francisco and New York.
    • Detroit has a great talent network spanning universities, Fortune 500 companies and business titans.
    • There’s a hidden diamond in the Midwest that contains an economy larger than California.
  • What are Detroit startups focusing on?
  • Where do startups tend to operate?
  • Where do entrepreneurs hang out?
  • Come join us!

As he says, “building something in Detroit is building Detroit.” And entrepreneurs “need” this type of environment, “which makes the city’s vibe appealing to early-stage startups” and entrepreneurs across industries.

Continue to the full Op-Ed. Or, visit Serbinski’s personal website.