Fitzgerald Neighborhood Gets New Community and Office Space

Residents will be able to use HomeBase to get updates or provide feedback on the city of Detroit’s planning efforts. There will be a rotating gallery of renderings and local art. And the back half of the office can be closed off, allowing community groups to host larger meetings in the front half, rent free, even securing a key for after hours gatherings

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Macomb’s M-59 Corridor is Retail Gold

Some have had plenty of fun at the expense of Macomb County’s newest art installation in the Hall Road/M-59 median, an orange, 35-foot-tall ring recently dubbed The Halo. But the 10.5-mile road’s retail scene is no laughing matter. Hall Road is the epitome of it all, it is very much built out as a massive commercial corridor, and it generates north of $1 billion in retail sales per year on its own legs

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