An Update On All 14 Of Detroit’s Neighborhood Plans

In 2016, the city of Detroit’s Planning and Development Department, led by its director, Maurice Cox, began crafting plans in neighborhoods around the city. The department engages communities to discover neighborhood needs and areas for potential investment, then creates frameworks that include proposals for streetscape improvements, city-owned properties that can be redeveloped, policy reforms, park upgrades, and other neighborhood-specific changes that the city can make or influence.

The effort has been largely financed through the city’s Strategic Neighborhood Fund, which has received around $130 million in philanthropic support from numerous foundations and corporations. Because the fund continues to grow, what originally began as a three-neighborhood initiative is now up to 14

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With $3.5 Million State Loan Secured, West Village Development To Soon Break Ground

Originally called the Van Dyke @ Kercheval development when it was announced over a year ago, construction on the Parker Durand in the West Village will finally begin in the coming weeks. That’s because the last piece of funding was recently secured—a $3.5 million loan from the Michigan Economic Development Corp. as part of its Michigan Community Revitalization Program, which seeks to foster redevelopment in “areas of historical disinvestment.”

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Detroit Woodward Ave

Five Trends Real Estate Investors Must Watch This Year

For investors seeking to diversify portfolios, build equity or secure a steady source of investment income, the real estate sector presents a myriad of options and opportunities. The increased interest I’ve observed in the single-family rental sector can be attributed in part to the recent volatility in the equity markets and the growing uncertainty around when the economic expansion will finally lose steam. Here are five real estate industry trends savvy investors need to be watching in 2019.

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