Seven Detroit Neighborhoods to get $35M Boost for Development

Seven neighborhoods will get a $35 million boost from seven companies to help kickstart redevelopment in areas of the city that residents say are often neglected. Describing the effort as “historic commitments” to the neighborhoods, city officials announced Monday that the funding will be used to improve parks, streetscapes and commercial corridors as well as single-family and affordable housing over the next five years.

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Six Skills Real Estate Investors And Developers Should Focus On Mastering

Developing or investing in the real estate market can be financially rewarding. Yet, finding success in the market requires knowledge about the liabilities inherent with any real estate or property-specific work. There is perhaps no better way to gain the information you need than by speaking with those within your industry, particularly about the pain points and hazards buyers and sellers should strive to anticipate and avoid — and the skills needed to identify where trouble may lie.

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Set Up For Success In 2019: 14 Real Estate Investment Moves To Make Before 2018 Ends

The real estate market is constantly shifting, with investment approaches evolving as new market trends and area-specific information drive change. What worked 20, 15 or even five years ago may not work now or in the new year to come. Real estate investors who stay rigid and play by old rules may be outpaced by their more flexible, informed and relevant industry counterparts.

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