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American Rental Property Owners: Not Who You Think They Are

Real Property Management, a full-service property management organization, has shared key findings from The Iceberg Report, an annual analysis of the American single-family residential investment industry, created in partnership with 2020 REI. The results from 2017 indicate that there is a tremendous difference between the common perception of this market and the reality.

According to the study, 98% of the 10.8-million rental property investors/owners are actually small entrepreneurs, who own five or fewer units — not “large-scale players with hundreds of units in their portfolio.”

The U.S. rental market, says Bob Pifke, CMO of Property Management Business Solutions, “has long been misunderstood and dismissed as only an option for those wealthy enough to use real estate investing as a business.” However, “the results of this study have painted a clear picture that single-family residential investors are becoming more and more serious, and that rental properties are being recognized as a mainstream asset for investors building a portfolio for retirement.”

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