Single Family or Multifamily Real Estate Investing: What’s right for you?

For those considering, and those already deeply involved in real estate investing, the question of which is a better option; multifamily or single family properties, is one to deliberately weigh. Firstly, it’s important to understand which investment vehicles do what, and determining your individual goals. In this two part blog series, we’ll take a look

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Man flips notepad sheet on white wooden table. 2017 is turning, 2018 is opening

The 2018 Real Estate Forecast: What the Experts are Saying

In 2017, we had our most successful year yet, facilitating millions of dollars in investments in Detroit cash flow rental properties. We’ve never been more bullish on our City. (, CNBC, Business Insider, HomeUnion, TheStreet, Mashvisor and FORBES have all recently listed The D as one of the 10 best cities for real estate investing.)

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The Top 9 Takeaways from Detroit’s State of the Region Report

The Detroit Regional Chamber has released its fourth-annual State of the Region report, which provides an economic, educational, social and civic overview of the 11-county region, along with comparisons against peer and national benchmarks.  “This past year was a year of tremendous growth. The renaissance in Detroit — and the region — is private sector led, technology focused

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The Flipping Financials: Tax Consequences of the Fix-and-Flip

Our recent report What to Fix When Flipping inspired some questions from the real estate investing community, specifically regarding how the IRS taxes house flippers. In this follow-up guide, we’ll provide the top six tax considerations for anyone thinking of getting into the house-flipping business… And, as a bonus, we’ll share some tricks for flipping houses

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