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Pioneer Homes


Pioneer Homes, is the leading source for Detroit cash flow rental properties. Since 2010, we've completed 1500+ property deals -- valued in excess of $75 million -- with clients across six continents.

Deeply rooted in the Detroit and Metro Detroit communities and led by lifelong Detroit resident Al Beahn, Pioneer Homes is guided by a two-part mission: to deliver investors positive cash-flow property opportunities, and help stabilize and revitalize Detroit neighborhoods.

We work with local, out-of-state and foreign investors, who choose us for our personal attention, transparency, and history of delivering positive returns for our clients.

Whether you’re looking to diversify your portfolio or build wealth, now is the time to choose Detroit. And we can help.


Diversification: The #1 Rule.

Tangible investments, such as real estate and precious metals, are assets that you can drive by, touch and feel. These types of assets can often provide a safety net for investors who feel that having all their retirement savings invested in stock market might be too risky.

- Nate F. Hare, EVP, Quest IRA

<span>Diversification: The #1 Rule.</span>